Save the Date: Visual Studio 2015 RTM on July 20th

Today, I’m happy to share that the final releases of Visual Studio 2015, Team Foundation Server 2015 and .NET Framework 4.6 will be available for download on July 20th. Visual Studio 2015 is a big release.  Microsoft is opening up Visual Studio

Learn how to create and manage a personal or professional blog with the new Office365 authoring canvas.

Nice article about the new personal blog canvas Create and manage your personal blog in Microsoft Office Delve. Source: Create and manage a personal blog

How to: Using Azure Analytics to track usage of your Office 365 portal – SharePoint Code Analysis Framework

A real nice article of Matthias Einig about Azure Analytics integrated in SharePoint Are you looking for answers to questions like: How are people using my Intranet? How many people are visiting which pages? How long do they stay on

Upgrade SharePoint Managed Metadata database

With this Powershell script you can upgrade your managed metadata database to a new SharePoint Farm. This script will make the Managed Metadata service application the default Managed Metadata service application. #requires -version 4.0 #requires -runasadministrator [CmdletBinding()] Param( [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)][System.String]$ManagedMetadataDBName )

Migrate a SharePoint content database with powershell

This powershell script will allow you to easily migrate a content database from one SharePoint server to another. #requires -version 4.0 #requires -runasadministrator [CmdletBinding()] Param( [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)][System.String]$DatabaseName, [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)][System.String]$ServerName, [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)][System.String]$WebApplication ) ### # Enable the following when version 4 is not available

Upgrade all sitecollections with powershell

When you have a lot of SharePoint sites which should be upgraded (after a farm upgrade) to the next version you can use the following powershell commandlet #requires -version 4.0 #requires -runasadministrator [CmdletBinding()] Param( [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)][System.String]$WebApplication ) ### # Enable the

June 2015 CU for SharePoint 2013 is available for download

The KB articles for June CU are available at the following locations: KB 3054864 – SharePoint Foundation 2013 June 2015 CU KB 3054866 – SharePoint Server 2013 June 2015 CU KB 3054865 – SharePoint Server 2013 with Project Server June

Implementing AD integration with Office 365 using a sub-domain (for dev/test)

    Great article of Chris O’Brien about implementing AD integration with office365 using a sub-domain!   Source:

What’s new in Office 2016 Preview

There has been an update to Office 2016 Preview. The following changes are now available: Modern productivity Tell Me Tell Me saves you the time you would normally use to look for a specific function within the Ribbon. You can type

BindingHandlers for KnockoutJS for working with SharePoint

A great new solution for those who work with KnockoutJS. A set of BindingHandlers for KnockoutJS generally useful for working with SharePoint See the Creating custom bindings section of the KnockoutJS documentation for an overview. Source: sympmarc/KOBindings