As a company, we are focused on reimagining the way the world should work. In an age of information abundance, we understand that people are seeking integrated experiences that help them break out of knowledge silos, “work like a network” and connect information from multiple touchpoints in meaningful ways.

The Microsoft Graph

Keeping the end user experience at the center, the Microsoft Graph unlocks new productivity scenarios by:

  • Enabling corporate IT to rapidly build solutions for employees.
  • Enabling developers to build inline social experiences.
  • Empowering partners to customize their Office experience and extend their apps with Office 365 data.

The Microsoft Graph, located at, allows applications to access digital work and digital life data across the intelligent Microsoft cloud.

This represents three big advantages for developers not available before:

  • Unified Microsoft API endpoint for accessing the capabilities of the Microsoft cloud.
  • Unified access to data living in the Microsoft cloud.
  • Unified access to intelligence and insights coming from the Microsoft cloud.

Today at Connect

In other words, the Microsoft Graph surfaces intelligent insights by bringing together smart machine learning algorithms with a wealth of data and user behavior—all with just a single authorization token.


Microsoft Graph—what’s available today?

Below are details of what’s generally available and what’s on preview, via the Microsoft Graph at

  • General availability (ready for production)—Users, Files, Messages, Groups, Events, Contacts (personal), Mail, Calendar, Devices and other directory objects and docs.
  • Preview (available to explore)—Notifications, SDKs, People, Organizational contacts, Office Graph, Planner, OneNote, Converged Auth. flow support, OneDrive Files and Outlook.

Developers can get started immediately and build Microsoft Graph-based solutions for free using an Office 365 developer tenant. Access to the Office 365 APIs and data through the Microsoft Graph is included in the customer’s Office 365 license. This includes all the APIs that are available with the general release today. Access to intelligence is paid—with some intelligence features explicitly included in the Office 365 license and some licensed separately. Over time, we plan on adding additional capabilities to the Microsoft Graph that may be licensed separately.

Source: introducing the Microsoft Graph – Office Blogs

Introducing the Microsoft Graph

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