Introducing PnP Partner Pack

During past month we worked on new PnP Partner Pack, which is new packaged reference solution around main topics from the PnP guidance. PnP Partner Pack demonstrates main topics, which are commonly used within mid-sized and enterprise deployments around Office 365 and SharePoint online. Here’s list of key functionalities demonstrated in the PnP Partner Pack.

  • Self service site collection provisioning with remote provisioning pattern
  • Sub site provisioning using remote provisioning pattern
  • “Save site as a provisioning template” capability to store any existing site as a available template in specific site collection or as tenant level template
  • My site collections personal view
  • Responsive user interface for SharePoint sites without introducing custom master page
  • Custom NavBar and Footer for Site Collections with JavaScript object model
  • Sample remote timer jobs (implemented as WebJobs) for Governance rules enforcement
  • Uses Office UI fabric for provider hosted app user interface elements
  • Deployed as Office 365 App with app-only permissions

We have also recorded specific weekly web cast for PnP Partner Pack introduction, so please check following blog post for additional details

Latest changes

Provisioning Engine

The first version of the PnP remote provisioning engine was released with the April 2015 release. For the November release we have continued to add new supported capabilities and made improvements from stability perspective for both Office 365 and on-premises. This list contains the main updates that have been added in the November release:

  • Improved and updated delta handling
  • Overall quality and performance improvements
  • Improved on-premises support with CSOM version detection
  • Added support for lookup fields whcih isn’t site column
  • Bug fixes on the publishing feature handling
  • Bug fixes on content type handling
  • Bug fixes on list instance handling
  • Bug fixes on workflow extraction
  • Updated system templates for delta detection

PnP library

  • PnP Core: Lots of re-factoring done to improve code quality and completeness:
    • provisioning engine updates (see above)
    • Added support for X.509 Certificate authentication in TimerJob
    • Permission handling optimization
    • Improvements on UserCustomAction handling extensions
    • Implement ToXML method for a template
    • Removal of deprecated methods
    • Build and test automation improvements
    • Both PnP Core Nuget packages (cloud and on-premises) have been also updated accordingly.
  • New sample Core.ListViewThreshold.JSOMAndREST demonstrates how to retrieve more items than treshold limit with JSOM and REST.
  • Updated component Core.TaxonomyPicker to with better suggestion capability and overall technical implementation.
  • Significant updates to Solution Provisioning.UX.App with new capabilities.
  • Updated PnP-PowerShell Commands with new CommandLets and with few fixes
    • Overall quality improvements
    • New-SPOProvisioningTemplateFromFolder CmdLet added
    • Updated Get-ProvisioningTemplate CmdLet
    • Added Samples folder with initial samples
    • Updated documentation for CmdLets
    • Updated unit tests for cmdlet’s

Source: Office Dev Center – Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices – November 2015 release

Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices – November 2015 release

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