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Provisioning Engine

The first version of the PnP remote provisioning engine was released with the April 2015 release. For the January 2016 release we have continued to add new supported capabilities and made improvements from stability perspective for both Office 365 and on-premises. This list contains the main updates that have been added in the January release:

  • Overall quality and performance improvements
  • Selectable object handlers – you can chose which of the elements are processed using code or PowerShell
  • Support for new 201512 provisioning schema
  • WebSettings section for site level settings like ReqeustAccessEmail, NoCrawl, WelcomePage, SiteLogo, MasterPage, CustomMasterPage. Some were previously under the composed look, but relocated here.
  • Folders in libraries and in lists
  • Security for files, folders, items and pages
  • Home page extraction
  • Composed Look updates with new logic
  • Localization design implemented in schema – engine implementation coming in february release
  • Support for custom token definitions via providers

Notice that engine does have backward compatibility, so all template files created with the old schema are still fully supported and if you re-serialized old schema file, it will be automatically transformed to use the latest schema version.

PnP library

We have done general cleaning in the repository related on Nuget package updates and also removed some samples, which are no longer releavant. We are planning to continue these cleaning activities during the next months as well to streamline the repository and to combine some samples for reducing the overall number of similar samples and ot make more room for Graph and Office 365 API related content. Currently repository is still heavily bias for the SharePoint related samples.

There’s also significant amount of general updates on the existing samples done by the community on the code and documentation, which is great way to contribute as well.

  • PnP Core: Lots of re-factoring done to improve code quality and completeness:
    • Version increased to 2.0 and assemblies are signed for easier consumption
    • provisioning engine updates (see above)
    • Support for web browser based login to Office 365
    • Improvements to ADFS based login for on-premises
    • General bug fixing and quality improvements
    • Removal of deprecated methods
    • Build and test automation improvements
    • Nuget package for SPO has also dependency on AppForSharePointOnlineWebToolkit to get SharePointContext and TokenHelper automatically
    • Both PnP Core Nuget packages (cloud and on-premises) have been also updated accordingly.
  • New solution BusinessApps.HelpDesk demonstrates combining various Office 365 and Azure resources into a single application that can be consumed simultaneously. The application includes functionality and data from Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Graph, SQL Azure, Yammer, and SharePoint Online.
  • New sample UserProfile.BatchUpdate.API demonstrates usage of new User Profile Batch Update API. This capability is designed to handle mass updates cross multiple user profiles in the SharePoint Online. API makes it faster and more efficient to synchronize custom attributes from miscellanious systems to user profile properties.
  • New sample Office.TypeScriptAddin demonstrates extending the Visual Studio 2015 template for an Office task pane add-in with TypeScript and TypeScript type definitions.
  • Updated sample Core.JavaScript is a consolidated set of JavaScript examples for use in your SharePoint/Patterns and Practices projects.
  • Updated PnP-PowerShell Commands with new CommandLets and with few fixes
    • Overall quality improvements
    • PowerShell Cmdlets are signed for easier consumption
    • Support for web browser based login to Office 365
    • Updated documentation for CmdLets
  • Updates to the PnP Partner Pack
    • Code polishing
    • Included simple start-up templates
    • Improved documentation based on community input

PnP Guidance articles

The PnP Guidance repository has been setup for working on articles. Part of these articles are already available on MSDN and more will follow. Everyone can contribute or update these articles via updating them in GitHub and the changes will flow back to MSDN once the synchronization setup has been completed.

During this month we did some general updates on the articles, but there’s no actual new guidance published. You can easily find the relevant guidance for you using our search tool at dev.office.com.

There’s already a significant amount of articles that has been added to the PnP MSDN section at http://aka.ms/OfficeDevPnPMSDN

PnP Guidance videos

We did release one new guidance video during this month on top of the new web cast videos mentioned already above in this blog post. You can find all PnP videos from our Channel 9 section at http://aka.ms/OfficeDevPnPVideos. This location contains already significant amount of detailed training material, demo videos and community call recordings.


Source: Office Dev Center – Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices – January 2016 release

Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices – January 2016 release

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