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Provisioning Engine

The first version of the PnP remote provisioning engine was released with the April 2015 release. For the February 2016 release we have continued to add new supported capabilities and made improvements from stability perspective for both Office 365 and on-premises. This list contains the main updates that have been added in the February release:

  • Significant overall quality and performance improvements
  • Export support for master pages and page layouts in publishing sites
  • Support for custom action resource handling (language support)
  • Updates on publishing site handling process
  • Updates on home page extraction process with publishing and non-publishing sites
  • Updates on feature handling process – possible exceptions logged, but process not aborted
  • Localization support for labels
  • Token parser changed to be public
  • Updated base templates for the SPO and 2016 – used in delta handling

NOTICE: February release of the PnP Core Component or specifically engine has dependency on using latest SharePoint Online CSOM package released on 4th of February.

Known issues

  • There’s a known issue around JSON seriazliation in context of the CustomAction.Rights element. Team is working on getting this resolved. Propability of hitting the issue is relatively small.

PnP library

We have done general cleaning in the repository related on Nuget package updates and also removed some samples, which are no longer releavant. We are planning to continue these cleaning activities during the next months as well to streamline the repository and to combine some samples for reducing the overall number of similar samples and ot make more room for Graph and Office 365 API related content. Currently repository is still heavily bias for the SharePoint related samples.

There’s also significant amount of general updates on the existing samples done by the community on the code and documentation, which is great way to contribute as well.

  • PnP Core: Lots of re-factoring done to improve code quality and completeness:
    • provisioning engine updates (see above)
    • Updates on rating controls in the lists – enable also for non-publishing sites
    • Methods for enabling and disabling Request access at web level for SPO CSOM
    • Remove field by fied ID added as new method
    • General bug fixing, performance and quality improvements
    • Removal of deprecated methods
    • Build and test automation improvements with unit test changes
    • Yammer embed support added for on-premises (SP2013)
    • Preparations for SP2016 specific version – coming in March
    • 16 nuget package includes a dependency for the WindowsAzure.Storage and Microsoft.Azure.ActiveDirectory.GraphClient nuget packages
    • Both PnP Core Nuget packages (cloud and on-premises) have been also updated accordingly.
  • New sample OutlookNotificationsAPI.WebAPI which is ASP.NET Web API project validating and responding to Outlook Notifications – created with the Outlook Notifications REST API. The sample covers the concept of subscribing for notifications, validating notification URLs and inspecting the monitoried entities by calling the Outlook REST API using persisted tokens.
  • New sample MicrosoftGraph.Office365.Generic as generic sample solution which demonstrates typical operations with Microsoft Graph towards Calendar, Contacts, Files, Unified Groups and users.
  • New sample MicrosoftGraph.Office365.Simple.MailAndFiles as simplistic MVC application to query personal emails and files using Microsoft Graph showing also dynamic querying of the information with ajax queries. Sample uses also Office UI Fabric to provide consistent user interface experience with standardized controls and presentation.
  • New console utility JDP Remediation – CSOM which can be used to discover or address typical add-in model transformation issues using CSOM operations.
  • New farm solution Feature activation blocker which can be used to block activation of features from the UI of SharePoint farm. Feature Id’s and message shown for the end users can be configured dynamically.
  • Updated PnP-PowerShell Commands with new CommandLets and with few fixes
    • Overall quality improvements and bug fixes
    • Updated documentation for CmdLets
  • Updates to the PnP Partner Pack (delayed release later this week)
    • Significant updates on the setup guidance
    • Updated to use latest CSOM Nuget package
    • Updated code to handle the provisioning time logic


Source: Office Dev Center – Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices – February 2016 release

Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices – February 2016 release

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