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SharePoint Framework samples

These are samples which are available from the SharePoint client-side web part sample repository at or from the SharePoint Framework Extensions repository at

  • New sample react-side-panel web part illustrates creation and usage of Side Panel (Sidebar) control
  • New sample aadapispo-cookie web part showing how to access a custom API secured with Azure Active Directory (AAD) without using ADAL JS
  • New sample react-peoplepicker web part showing how to use Office UI Fabric People Picker and SharePoint Search API to retrieve people
  • New tutorial samples around the SharePoint Framework Extensions built using the “Getting started” tutorials
  • New react-field-slider field customizer showing how to build custom UI for field customizer using React
  • New js-application-graph-client application customizer showing how to use GraphHttpClient in the context of extension
  • New js-application-appinsights application customizer showing how to use application customizer to embed needed scripts for using Azure Application Insights for usage tracking
  • New js-application-analytics application customizer showing how to use application customizer to embed needed script for using Google Analytics for usage tracking
  • Updates to numerous other samples to use SPFx GA version

SharePoint Dev Build Definitions

These are scripts and assets available from the SharePoint Build Extensions repository at

  • New sample serve-info Gulp tasks showing query string parameters required for debugging of the different SharePoint Framework Extensions in the current project.

PnP CSOM Core and Provisioning Engine

PnP CSOM Core component is a wrapper on top of native SharePoint CSOM and REST API, which simplifies complex scenarios with remote APIs, one of the example is the PnP Provisioning Engine for remote templates. The first version of the PnP remote provisioning engine was released with the May 2015 release. For the June 2017 release, we have continued to add new supported capabilities and made significant improvements from stability perspective for both SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises (2013 and 2016). This list contains the main updates that have been added in the June 2017 release:

  • Add List WebHooks easily using new extension methods
  • Support for client side pages with multiple zones/sections
  • News page promotion
  • Custom welcome page settings
  • Added support to set ClientComponentId and ClientComponentProperties properties for CustomAction
  • Updated to use latest SPO CSOM NuGet package
  • Unit/integration test improvements
  • Updated base templates for the SPO, 2013 and 2016 – used in delta handling

See also for day-to-day results and executed tests.

Notice. We are planning to do another engine update during June or early July with updated provisioning capabilities.

PnP JavaScript Core library v2.0.6

New v2.0.6 release will be soon available for the Patterns and Practices JavaScript Core Library. This will be an incremental update for the library with additional capabilities and bug fixes on existing functionalities.

This is a similar effort as what PnP initiative previously has done with the PnP CSOM Core Component together with the community.

PnP PowerShell

PnP PowerShell providers more than two hundred additional PowerShell cmdlets, which can be used to manipulate content in SharePoint Online and in on-premises (SP2013, SP2016). These cmdlets are additive for SharePoint Online management shell, which concentrate more on the administrative tasks with SharePoint Online.

Notice. In the past PnP PowerShell cmdlets where using SPO- prefix, which however overlapped with the native SPO management PowerShell cmdlets, so prefixing was changed as part of the November 2016 release. Starting from June 2017 release, we no longer release alias entries as part of the package, which means that we only support PnP- prefix usage with the PnP PowerShell.

Here are the latest changes in the PnP PowerShell

  • Add-PnPCustomAction updated to support ClientComponentId and ClientComponentProperties properties to support SharePoint Framework Extensions
  • Set-PnPTenantSite updated to set the noscript property for site
  • Get-PnPProvisioning template updated to persist assets by default if *.pnp extension is used
  • New Get-PnPUser cmdlet for getting user details from current web
  • New Tenant.Migration sample PowerShell script for moving multiple sites and site collections from one tenant to another
  • Overall quality improvements and bug fixes
  • Updated automatically generated PnP PowerShell cmdlet documentation at MSDN

PnP sample library

Here are updates across the PnP code sample library by the community on the code and documentation, which is a great way to contribute as well.

  • New Portal.DataAccessLayer sample showing how to build a Client-Side Data Access layer for custom client side implementations
  • Updated PnP Portal Intranet starter kit to version 1.3 with new capabilities (check readme)
  • Updates to the PnP Partner Pack
    • Fine tuning and polishing based on community input
    • Fixed issue when searching for Site Collection Admins

PnP Guidance articles

The PnP Guidance repository contains guidance articles which are published on MSDN. Starting from the end of May 2016 this process was changed to be fully automated and there’s automatic contributors list in the MSDN side showing who have been providing updates to these documents. We are looking forward to your contributions around real life learnings in different areas. Read more details around this open publishing model from following blog post

Here’s the new guidance released since past monthly communications.

See MSDN articles from the PnP MSDN section at

PnP initiative also controls the articles in the around SharePoint development. Here are new/updated articles around the SharePoint Framework. All documentation from MSDN will be gradually moving to

PnP Guidance videos

You can find all PnP videos from our YouTube Channel at This location contains already a significant amount of detailed training material, demo videos, and community call recordings.

Notice that some of the old PnP videos are also in the PnP Channel 9 video blog, which was previously used.

SharePoint Patterns & Practices – June 2017 release

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