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SharePoint Framework samples

These are samples which are available from the SharePoint client-side web part sample repository at or from the SharePoint Framework Extensions repository at

  • New solution sample ColumnFormatter web part which has been designed to give the full power of VS Code editing while providing easy to use templates and wizards all within the browser! The goal is to make writing and applying Column Formatting easier and quicker for both developers and end users.
  • New List View Command Set sample js-command-lock-item illustrates the ability to lock/unlock selected item/document for the current user.
  • New Application Customizer sample react-msal-bot sample demonstrates how to integrate a bot within a SharePoint Online portal supporting authentication to access Azure AD protected APIs like Microsoft graph resources.
  • New Field Customizer Sample react-field-text-analytics-api which demonstrates how to use the Text Analytics API (Cognitive Services) to render a sentiment icon based on the text of a field in the List
  • Updates to numerous other samples to polish the code and documentation

Reusable open source controls for SharePoint Framework

New reusable controls initiative was announced in Ignite 2017 during September. There are two new npm packages and source code repositories for the reusable controls which you can use in your SharePoint Framework solutions. We do welcome community contributions to these initiatives as well. There are two different repositories: sp-dev-fx-property-controls and sp-dev-fx-controls-react. Here are the changes on these repositories.

  • Controls updated to use latest SharePoint Framework version
  • Added the option to the people picker to allow you to specify single or multi-selection
  • General improvements and adjustments

Community column formatting definitions

SharePoint Columns Formatting capability was released for First Release customers during October 2017. As part of the availability, we also announced the availability of open source repository for sharing different column formatting definitions. Following lists the changes in the column formatting area.

SharePoint Site Script samples

SharePoint Columns Formatting capability was released for First Release customers during October 2017. As part of the availability, we also announced the availability of open source repository for sharing different column formatting definitions. Following lists the changes in the column formatting area.

Office 365 CLI

Office 365 CLI was released in November 2017. This is an open source tool which enables you to controls tenant level properties in SharePoint Online or in Office 365 without the need of using PowerShell. SharePoint Online Management Shell is only available for Windows operating system. Changes since last monthly summary are following.

PnP CSOM Core and Provisioning Engine

PnP CSOM Core component is a wrapper on top of native SharePoint CSOM and REST API, which simplifies complex scenarios with remote APIs, one of the example is the PnP Provisioning Engine for remote templates. The first version of the PnP remote provisioning engine was released with the May 2015 release. This list contains the main updates in this release:

  • Various small bug fixes and improvements
  • Updated to use latest SPO CSOM NuGet package
  • Completed support for 2018 01 schema – this will be the default schema as of the February 2018 release
  • Support for installing apps in synchronous mode
  • Unit/Integration test improvements
  • Updated base templates for the SPO, 2013 and 2016 – used in delta handling

See also for day-to-day results and executed tests.

PnP JavaScript Core Library

No actual updates on the Patterns and Practices JavaScript Core Library, but there have been active discussions on the package in Gitter channel. Here are the changes since last monthly communications.

  • Preparations for the new library version from the @pnp scope
  • Improved docs for the new @pnp scope version
  • Various smaller improvements and fixes

This is a similar effort as what PnP initiative previously has done with the PnP CSOM Core Component together with the community.

PnP PowerShell

PnP PowerShell providers more than two hundred additional PowerShell cmdlets, which can be used to manipulate content in SharePoint Online and in on-premises (SP2013, SP2016). These cmdlets are additive for SharePoint Online management shell, which concentrate more on the administrative tasks with SharePoint Online.

Here are the latest changes in the PnP PowerShell

  • Various small bug fixes, improvements and documentation updates
  • Updated signing certificate to use Microsoft organization certs
  • New cmdlet Get-PnPTenantAppCatalogUrl 
  • New cmdlet Start-PnPWorkflowInstance
  • New cmdlet Get-PnPWorkflowInstance
  • New cmdlet Get-PnPUnifiedGroupMembers
  • New cmdlet Get-PnPUnifiedGroupOwners
  • Numerous other updates cross existing commands
  • Overall quality improvements and bug fixes
  • Updated automatically generated PnP PowerShell cmdlet documentation at

Notice. Due signing certificate change in December 2017 release, you cannot update PnP PowerShell cmdlet using the upgrade-module command. You’ll need to first uninstall and then re-install module.

PnP sample library

Here are updates across the PnP code sample library by the community on the code and documentation, which is a great way to contribute as well.

  • Updates to Business.StarterIntranet solution sample, which is a generic, enterprise intranet publishing solution, compatible with SharePoint 2013, 2016 and SharePoint Online.

SharePoint Dev articles

SharePoint Dev articles are surfaced currently in ´Since the last release, we have now merged also SharePoint PnP Solution guidance to platform, so you’ll only have one location to follow all relevant SharePoint Dev documentation and guidance. You can provide contributions to these documents by submitting documentation improvements using GitHub tooling. All of the SharePoint Dev docs are stored and surfaced from the sp-dev-docs repository.

Here are new/updated articles on the SharePoint Development.

PnP Guidance videos

You can find all SharePoint Dev videos on our YouTube Channel at This location contains already a significant amount of detailed training material, demo videos, and community call recordings.

SharePoint / Office 365 Patterns & Practices – January 2018 update

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